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Asian power Transformers & conductors owes its leading position in the Indian Electrical industry to its strong focus on indigenization. This focus has driven the Company to set up world-class manufacturing units with state-of-the-art technology. Every stage of product evolution-design, development, manufacturing, assembly and quality control, is carried out meticulously. Our manufacturing plants are situated at multiple places in the Baramulla. Asian power transformers and conductors is the professional manufacturer of the power and distribution transformers, Steel tubular poles, AAC /ACSR conductor DPC wire and PVC cables, approved by the Directorate of industries & commerce J & K Govt. It has been titled a national class company because of the innovative technology employed. APT&C is a well known company in India. Our factory is equipped with very convenient transportation conditions. It is located near the railway and national highway; this means that APT&C is located only 50 KM from Srinagar air port.

Our factory is a small scale company employing over 50 staff members, of which 60% hold college degrees. It covers around 50,000.Sq.ft of area with construction area being over 20,000.sq.ft. APT&C has over 30 years experience in transformer design and production, it has a well equipped assembling line and testing machines that are able to provide first class products and services .Our main products are 10 MVA 33 KV class power transformers, distribution transformers special purposes transformers, variable transformers, servo voltage stabilizers, 3star rating energy efficient distribution transformers, steel tubular poles, AAC/ACSR conductors PVC cables and DPC wires. We have mainly well satisfied customers from different states electricity boards’ electricity distribution companies and power utilities. APT&C is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company and our products are tested and approved by national testing laboratories CPRI/ERDA .Our more flexible management system will bring better products and services which will satisfy the increasing needs of new and loyal customers.

Our Norms Of Testing & Quality Control

Quality aspect holds special importance in our every business strategy. We aimed at providing our customers with trouble free, safe and durable transformers. Our range of transformers is in conformation to ISS/ REC Standards. To offer quality transformers, our quality controllers conduct tests to conform IS: 1180 and IS: 2026 standards. We have also installed latest testing facilities and follow advanced testing techniques. This ascertains that the transformers are safe and easy to install. Further, we also issue a test certificate with every transformer having one year warranty.  Moreover, we also conduct short circuit withstand test and impulse voltage withstand test to ensure that we deliver only quality range of transformers. These tests are conducted and arranged at C.P.R.I. Bhopal / Bangalore, Moradnagar/ ERDA Vadodra and other recognized laboratories. The other tests conducted by us are based on the following parameters: 

* Dimension accuracy
* Tensile strength
* Corrosion resistance
* Ductibality
* Abrasion resistance
* Zero sequence current
* Insulation resistance
* Voltage ratio
* Induced over voltage test at double voltage and double frequency
* Vector group and polarity
* Separate source high voltage test of HV side and LV side
* No load losses, magnetizing current and impedance voltage
* Load losses and impedance voltage
* HV winding and LV winding resistance
* Measurement of temperature rise of winding and oil of transformers at full rated load
* Pressure and vacuum testing of transformer for permanent deflection of body

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