Distribution Transformers
Transformers used to step down the distribution voltage to a standard service voltage or from transmission voltage to distribution voltage are known as distribution transformers. They are kept in operation all the 24 hours a day and are designed to have maximum efficiency owing to low iron loss and a small value of leakage reactance. Our companies are considered as the most reliable distribution transformer manufacturers in India. The material used in the manufacture of distribution transformers are of excellent quality that ensures high durability and resistivity to various corrosive attacks. For industries and commercial set ups these are designed and developed using latest technologies. The distribution transformers can be provided with variety of terminations so that they suit the requirements for new installation or replacement. The range includes oil cooled transformers and dry type transformers, which confirm to the international standards of quality and safety. The oil cooled transformers has successfully launched dry type transformer with capacity up to 2000KVA.We have made Three star Rating oil cooled transformers impact by using best quality cores and conductors, which results into lower losses, better regulation and longer life. Careful designing of oil cooled transformers by our professionals and technicians also reduce noise level to the minimum. Distribution transformer applicable standards are IS: 1180 and 2026 etc.

Power Transformers
Transformers used in generating stations and receiving stations at each end of a power transmission line for stepping up or stepping down the voltage are known as power transformers. They may be either single phase or three phase units. They are put in operation during load periods and are designed to have maximum efficiency at full load. The material used in the manufacture of power transformers are of premium quality as these are highly durable and resistive to various unfavorable conditions . In addition to it , technical specifications like up to 10 MVA ,3 phase, 33 KV voltage class, transformers a cooling radiator with natural cooling system ONAN/ONAF is used . OFAF/OFWF cooling method is the usual one for transformers of capacities 30 MVA upwards. Power transformers are designed in OFF LOAD & ON LOAD tape changers. With OLTC or without OLTC depending upon the requirement in the transmission and distribution system. Power transformer applicable standards are IS 2026 part 1 1977, IES -76,BS etc.

Special Purpose Transformers.
Transformers used in welding plants , Arc furnaces ,rectifiers, D.C power packs are known as special purposes transformers. Electrical connection is provided by externally mounted bus bar terminals with low voltage windings. They may be either single phase or three phase units. Current transformers, potential transformers, step up transformers, step down transformers can be provided with variety of terminations so that they suit the requirements for new installations. The range includes dry type and oil cooled type transformers.

Variable Transformers.
Variable Transformers (Variac Transformer) are the transformers which provide a variable AC voltage with rating from 0-560 volts, single phase and three phase and fractional to 1000+ Amps. Variac transformers are AC voltage controls that provide a variable AC voltage. Their distortion free out put is ideal for sensitive electronic applications .Variac transformers are available that boost the out put voltage in excess of twice the input voltage. The range includes dry type and oil cooled transformers.

Voltage Stablizers.
Servo voltage stabilizers (Automatic voltage regulators) are auto wound transformers having helical coils mounted on a conventional laminated core. Carbon rollers assembled on a fiber glass carrier board traverse the length of the coil track. These rollers are electrically connected to the out put terminals and as they are driven over the track, a variable voltage is obtained .Beneath the regulating coil a number of compensating winding are connected in parallel and short circuited to reduce the effect of core flux 'fringing' and keeps the reactance of the regulator fairly constant at any position of the rolling contact. The variation of more than +_ 1% of the rated output voltage of the stabilizers are sensed through solid state relay which send signals to the controlling servo motor which further drives the roller mechanism in such a direction so as to increase or decrease the voltage and stabilize it to the rated out put voltage .solid state relay operates on 230 V,1phase supply .H.T automatic voltage stabilizers are used to get stable input voltage for individual distribution transformer , irrespective of High / low voltage being received from electricity authority. These are installed on the input side of the transformers.

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